The Black Pieces

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Richard - Is one of the most key people in Ben's rise to power. He was with "the hostiles" when Dharma was in their heyday. (more)

Tom - Is one of Ben's most trusted agent. He carries out his assignments with skill and ruthless efficiency. (more)

Mikhail - Another loyal follower of Ben, he manned the flame station and was in charge of all intelligence gathering activities. (more)

Juliet - Juliet is a very important person to Ben. She is a fertility miracle-worker. She can create life where life is not supposed to exist. This means that she can find a solution to the 'pregnant women die on the island' problem -- a solution Ben can take back in time to save his beloved Annie... (more)

Harper - Harper was/is a psychiatrist for "the Others." While we don't know a lot about her, we do know that Ben has used her to communicate certain messages to people... (more)

Michael - Ben is using Michael the way he is using everyone. Michael has shown himself to be a man who will do anything for his son, Walt... (more)

Sayid - Sayid was a torturer for the Iraqi republican guard. He was one of the passengers of Ocean 815. He ultimately has a role to play in Ben's eventual overthrow... (more)

Jin - Jin was a stongman who "delivered messages" for father-in-law and Korean mob-boss Mr. Paik. He was one of the passengers of Ocean 815 who crashed on the island and ultimately has a role to play in Ben's eventual overthrow... (more)

Jack - Jack Shephard is an important piece in this game. He is a strong leader and can rally people to either support Ben or to fight against Ben... (more)

Kate/Hurley/Aaron/Claire - Each of these people are connected to the Oceanic 6. Three of them has left the island. One of them has not... (more)

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