The Cosmic Game of Chess

The Players:

Player #1: The Universe (white)

In chess, the white pieces always move first. In this case, The Universe made the first move -- it killed Annie and Ben's unborn son. All of Ben’s moves were a counter response to this. As Ben said to Michael, "What wouldn't a father do for his son..." (more)

Player #2: Ben (black)

Ben once told Locke, “Help yourself to the chicken… sorry, I ate most of the dark meat myself.” Ben is a liar and a murderer. More importantly, he is trying to change fate – to fight against God/The Universe. While there is nothing intrinsically evil in the color black itself, traditional symbology associates this kind of evil with the color black, so that’s where I’m putting him in this game of chess. Besides, the Universe moved first by killing Annie, and in chess, white always moves first... (more)

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