The White Pieces

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Jacob - He is the recognized leader of the others. They believe he has immense power... (more).

Desmond - Desmond is a key figure in this theory. Through his storyline, we have learned about time traveling consciousness... (more)

Locke - John will prove to be the key figure in the overthrow of Benjamin Linus... (more)

Charles Widmore - This may seem a little out of place, as Widmore is generally considered to be a "bad guy." So why would he be fighting on the side of the Universe alongside recognized heros such as Jacob, Desmond, and Locke (especially given his brutal mistreatment of Desmond)? (more)

Penny Widmore - Penny told Desmond that "with enough money and determination, you can find anyone." She has searched relentlessly for her lost love... (more)

Ms. Hawking - Ms. Hawking is an extremely important character to the show. Through her, we have been given our clearest glimpse into the course-correcting workings of the universe... (more)

Brother Campbell - Brother Campbell, like Ms. Hawking, is a follower of Jacob who left the island when Ben rose to power. He is working to ensure that Desmond follows the destiny that has been laid out for him... (more)

Kelvin Inman - Kelvin found Desmond on the beach and brought him into the Swan station. He ensured that Desmond would miss pushing the button on the right day at the right time in order to bring Oceanic 815 to the island... (more)

Walt - Walt is a 'special" kid with a psychic connection to the universe. His abilities made him especially important to Ben, so he arranged for Walt to be kidnapped. While he was with the others, he was able to communicate with people in a variety of unconventional ways.. (more)

Boone/Charlie/Libby/Christian - Each of these people have died, yet their "spirits" have returned and visited people to assist them along their destined path... (more)

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