Mr. Friendly’s proof (the Widmore File)

Remember in episode 4.5 when Ben had Locke open his safe and pull out a video tape with Widmore on it? Wasn’t that just a little too convenient, that this tape just happened to be sitting there in Ben’s safe at the exact moment Ben needed it? The same sort of thing happened in episode 4.7 with Michael and Mr. Friendly... (more)

The Man from Tallahassee

When Locke was in Ben's bedroom closet with a gun to Alex's head, Ben told Richard to "get the man from Tallahassee." Although this was not code for "there's a man in my closet with a gun to my daughter's head" it was a clue to Richard that it was time to make a move against John Locke -- a move that they had previously prepared due to their advanced foresight... (more)


PanDMoneum said...

I'm curious about your opinion of the old/new testament references... Could Lost be in some way mirroring some parables from the Bible? Also, re: your "chess theory", isn't it really difficult to classify who the good guys are, vs. who the bad guys are? The writers constantly feed the enigma, which makes it impossible to conclude exactly who are the white hats, and who wears the black hats...

Btw, do you have The Beatles Anthology series? To me, they are holy grail in my Beatles catalog. Hearing the early incarnations of their tunes is priceless. I especially like vol.3... Hope you are well, need more episode reviews, miss reading your insights-

RHZ said...

I think the old/new testament is one of many literature sources alluded to on the show, and has certain significance in the "faith vs. reason" theme of the show, but that's about it. I don't think it is mirroring anything too closely -- just bits and pieces from several different sources.

Yes, with the chess theory, I think it is more complicated than black vs. white, side 1 vs. side 2. I think there are many players, and that Ben and Widmore are against each other as Ben and Locke are against each other, all for the stakes of the island -- but i still think the main storyline is Ben trying to change history -- so 'ben vs. the universe' is, i think, the central game.

Of course I have the beatles anthology. the CD's and DVDs/ Do you also have the two-disk BBC collection? The early and rare recordings there are very nice as well.

thanks for writing in. I hope you enjoy the review for 5.6 "316"