The Story

The Story:

Once upon a time there was a magical island – a land connected to this earth, but very different – a land like Narnia, or Wonderland, or Avalon, or Oz. The ancient civilization who lived on this island guarded its powerful secrets from the outside world. But people from the outside world occasionally found their way to the island. And occasionally this meant big trouble.

In the 1960’s, one of these groups came to this island. They called themselves the Dharma initiative and claimed to be experimenting with the island’s “unique properties” for the improvement of the human race. Many of the Dharma recruits sincerely believed they were doing just that. But the people behind Dharma had far sinister motives...



Melissa said...

Where did you get a mind like that, and why didn't you save some for me!
Holy crap! I think this sounds awesome. Only time will tell. My only piece is why do you thin Ben & Annie had a son, not a daughter? I thought if it was a girl that would make even more sense of his desire to make Alex his own. Girl for girl- I guess it doesn't really matter. You have made a lot of great connections.
About what you said with the Universe using dead people. Notice that it's always someone who means a lot to the person they are seeing. Jack & his Dad. Locke and Boone, Michael and Libby. When I read what you wrote about that I thought of Ben's comment... "I find what they are emotionally attached to and I exploit it." It's the same thing.
Good Job on putting this together. It's AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Time to knock the dust off of the lost dvd collection... Any theories as to how they'll begin the new season- Hope you are well... Aren't "myths" paradoxical in that they usually carry a lot of truths-

RHZ said...

As if the DVD collection is ever still enough to collect dust. Well, since all of season 4 on my iphone, maybe it's a little dusty :)

No idea how they'll start the next season. Maybe something where you think you are looking at something Dharma in the past but it is actually a flash forward that we'll have to wait the entire season to actually get to. Who knows. I've been trying to stay away from the spoilers.

And "myths" are actually sacred stories that are believed to be true by the groups who hold them to be sacred -- at least that's what my MA in Folkloristics tells me (talk about dusty...)